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Whether you�re a glass enthusiast, hobbyist, beginner, novice or professional, the Lizano�s can relate!

Lizano�s Glass Haus, is a family run studio�the trio consists of a husband, wife and daughter team; Al, Liliana and Paulette. Al and Liliana are natives of San Jose, Costa Rica and Tela, Honduras, respectively. They have been living in the New Orleans area for over 30 years, so they�re official transplants. Paulette is born and raised in New Orleans.

The love of stained and art glass began about twenty years ago when the married couple enrolled in a stained glass course as hobbyists. From that time, it has developed into a full-time passion and career. The couple took advantage of national stained glass conventions and
conferences taking additional courses taught by some of the leading professionals in the art glass industry. After numerous studies in the art, they formed a small partnership, working on commission pieces for private homes and individuals. In 1995, moving from a backyard
workshop, Lizano's Glass Haus, Inc. was formed and moved out into the
public sector.

Liliana's artistic talents have led her to a fascinating blend with the medium of glass. Al's
background in engineering has helped the studio fabricate magnificent works of art. Their
daughter, Paulette, utilizes her architectural degree, combined with an innate artistic talent, to bring contemporary visions to the studio. Paulette�s eye for space and color has been an asset to assist designers, contractors and homebuilders. Besides the traditional stained glass techniques, the artists work with "warm" glass in the form of fusing and slumping in glass kilns.

The trio is pleased to share with the public the art of stained glass. Glass classes are offered in both copper foil and lead came techniques, as well as mini-sessions on fusing, mosaics, stepping stones, panel-lamp construction and much more. The studio is a full service art glass
store, offering tools, supplies, pattern books, sheet glass, stock bevels, etc, etc, etc for all glass enthusiasts.

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